The NEW S21 Kits

are now available!

The Deluxe 60mm Kit now fits the S19K's and the NEW S21's

Deluxe Kits

Deluxe Kit especially designed for the Bitmain and IceRiver ASIC's

S8 Standard Kit

(No PSU Cooling)

Now available with the Optional NJORD CLOUDLINE Controller / Fan Emulator

(For an additional $45.00 USD)

IceRiver KS0 Overclocking Shroud Kit

Options: With and without the 120mm fans

Dual ASIC Filter Box

Fits every kit made to Date

Sonos In-Ceiling Bookshelf Speaker Enclosure

Exclusively Sold through Dreamedia, LLC

Crypto Silencing and Cooling Kits

A few years ago, we set out to design a better way to Silence and Cool Crypto Mining ASIC's. Today, we offer several options for the most popular models.

AC Infinity Blowers

All of our Kits are designed to work with the AC Infinity S8 or T8 Blowers

The blowers are not included with our kits... they are sold separately.

Actual Customer Testimonials

The quality of this product is top notch, includes instruction on how to install, As well as everything you need like fan emulators and screws and everything fit perfectly. The product was packed professionally. This seller is great and has excellent customer service, I will be buying more when needed.
— Actual Customer
This is my second system I’ve bought from this seller. Great delivery times, communication was better than most. Even helped me out when I ordered the wrong one the first time. If you have an ASICS miner and you want it cooled down and the sound muffled, buy only from this seller. A++++ 8" (60mm) Deluxe ASIC Crypto Mining Silencer/Cooling Kit for (D7, S19pro, S19)
— Actual Customer
Had my s19 running in my basement, still a little loud on low power mode and worried about heat leaking in to house in warmer months. Had doubts about this due to price and thinking it was just 3d printed parts, wrong, I was blown away by this kit. The instructions, screws, fan emulators, and entire design show a lot of thought and it is really nice. Plugged right in to my existing 8 inch intake and exhaust ducts. No worries about heat or sound now. About as loud as furnace running.
— Actual Customer
This thing is a lifesaver! I thought the factory fans were going to get me kicked out of the neighborhood. The sound is much better. I can't hear it in the house. Which helps with the wife! If I get another miner I will buy another one of these the same day.
— Actual customer
I have to tell you your design is FANTASTIC! At 3/4 speed I cant even hear it in the house!!!! Thanks for the fast shipping I received it and had it running within 30 minutes....your directions are clear and you include all the hardware! This is so much better than a lite box and half the price!!!
— Actual customer
Arrived very fast and fitment was spot on for Antminer XP. Great communication with seller. Super quiet with AC Infinity blower. Get the deluxe kit you wont regret it!!
— Actual customer
This kit is ingenious! The 3d printed parts are super sturdy and that fan blows like a…well l, I’ll keep this review family friendly. Let’s just say it’ll keep things nice and cool. I coupled mine with AC Infinity’s 8” filter and it’s running at 65db at 5-ft away on full speed. Instructions are great and it was a nice feature to include the extra hardware and fan simulators. Well done sir!
— Actual customer

Just for Fun!

We decided (for fun) to setup 10 ASIC's in an Immersion Tank. But we did it a little different! We actually removed the Hashcards, and consolidated them in a tighter space. This setup uses less oil (Bitcool) and is much more efficient. We love it, but it was pretty expensive.... and of course we did this on L3's which are not profitable at the moment. but take a look... It does work perfectly! We are able to overclock 30%

In Action!