Dual ASIC Filter Assembly




These are in production and should be ready to ship in about two weeks (on or before April 10th).


You've spent all this cash on your ASIC, don't let dust or debris damage it.


  • I've been running this setup for the last two years, on all of our ASIC's.  And recently pulled one down (to move it) and I was shocked how clean the Hashcards  & the Power Supply was inside!
  •  These can be mounted vertically on a wall or horizontally on a shelf (2' wide x 4' Long) and they fit EVERY kit made to date.  If you purchased a kit from us, it will fit!
  •  My background is in Metal fabrication.  In fact, we have a 9,000+ warehouse dedicated to metal fabrication.  I knew almost immediately, I didn't want this dust in my ASIC's.  So we developed this system to protect ours.  Now it is available for you.
  •  These are constructed out of Marine Grade Aluminum. Super strong to handle the weight of your ASIC (but you still need to fasten the ASIC as well if you mount them vertically.  They hold a 18" x 24" Standard air filter readily available at your hardware store (you will be surprised how dirty the filters will get in a month).
  • The filter box is designed to be modular.   It is  24" wide, about 13 7/8" tall,  and about 13-1/4" deep (see dimensional PDF).  Made from 12 gauge 5052 Marine Grade Aluminum.
  • Unfortunately, these are not cheap to manufacture.  The Aluminum is CNC Cut and Bent, and then welded together.  The Inlet adaptors are 3D Printed with ABS Plastic and bolted to the top. 
  • Our suggestion is you mount (securely!) to your wall a 3/4" sheet of 4' x 8' plywood.  Once you have the Plywood securely fastened, you can then mount a filter box on the bottom left corner.  From here, you can install the AC Infinity blower, clamp it in securely, and then add your ASIC to the top, and secure it to the plywood panel with #8 x 3/4" screws (M4 for those of you across the pond).  Mounting feet with holes are already provided on all of our Silencing Kits.
  • We even provide you with  a block off plate if you only have one ASIC at the moment. 

Note: Discount Codes currently do not apply to this product....Sorry.