DELUXE Crypto / ASIC Silencing and Cooling Kit



This Deluxe Kit Additionally Cools the ASIC's Power Supply. 

This is a Complete Kit.... Everything you will need BUT the Blower/Fan. 

  Why don't you sell the complete kit with the fan?

Honestly, It doesn't make sense for me to buy the blower, ship it to my office, add it to your kit, pay for the extra shipping back to you, buy a bigger box, etc.... all I was doing was charging you more for all of these fees....when you can have it dropped shipped directly to you.  The fan is obtainable by searching for :

AC Infinity S8. 

  • 30mm - Fits the L7's and some S19's 
  • 60mm - Fits most S19's (J's, K's, Pros etc...) and thew NEW Bitmain S21's!
  • 90mm - Fits HS3's, KA3's, Some S19 XP'sK7's, & The NEW Bitmain KS3/KS5!
  • 210mm - Only Fits the E9 Pro's

Please see the images below to determine the proper kit needed

What is included in the kit?

    1. One - ABS Deluxe 8" Inlet adaptor with one selected PSU Manifold (Connects directly to the S8 Blower and your ASIC),
    2. One - ABS Deluxe 8" Outlet adaptor with PSU Cooling (Connects to the Discharge Side of your ASIC and Discharges the hot air to an 8" hose),
    3. One - Stainless Steel 8" Clamp (To attach the S8 Adaptor to the AC Infinity Blower),
    4. Sixteen - M8 x 12mm Screws (To mount both adaptors where the original fans mounted),
    5. Four - 4 Pin (Inline) Fan Emulators - Plugs in where the original fans did,
    6. All 60mm Kits also include the new Fan Emulator adaptors (ATX 2 x 2) for the "K" Series and the S21 Series ASIC's,
    7. Installation Instructions,
    8. Free Shipping!!!!! (on Orders shipped within the USA).

Optional Universal Njord Controller:

+ $57.00 USD

(Only sold with a Kit, to purchase separately, please contact Pivotal Pleb directly)

You can now add to your Deluxe Kit Order the NEW Universal NJORD CLOUDLINE AC Infinity Fan Controller / Fan Emulator.  It connects where the original fans did on the ASIC's control board and automatically controls the speed of the AC Infinity S8 Blower!  You do need either a newer "USB-C" style AC Infinity S8 Blower or a Molex to USB-C adaptor (Sold Separately @Amazon or @AC Infinity).

This new universal Njord Package comes with the following:

  1. One Njord Controller (S19, S19 Pro, S19j Pro, L7, KA3, etc.)
  2. Four inline Fan Extension Cables (All Iceriver's, S19K Pro's, etc.)
  3. Four 2 x 2 Fan Extension Cables (S21's, S19K Pro's, etc.)
  4. Two Installation / Instruction Cards.


In addition to purchasing the new Njord Control board... You will also receive the Standard Emulators normally shipped with your kit.

You can find more information on Pivotal Pleb's Njord Cloudline
Controller board HERE.