S8-8 Standard Crypto Silencing & Cooling Kit for the L7, D7, S19 Pro, S19j Pro, KD5 and many others.


8" Standard ASIC Miner Silencing Kit with an 8"  Inlet / Outlet.

Note:  This is a complete kit.... Everything you will need BUT the Blower/Fan. 

 Why don't you sell the complete kit WITH the fan?

 Honestly, It doesn't make sense for me to buy the blower, ship it to my office, add it to your kit, pay for the extra shipping back to you, buy a bigger box, etc.... all I was doing was charging you more for all of these fees....when you can have it dropped shipped directly to you.  The fan is obtainable by searching for:

AC Infinity S8

What miners do they work with?

They will work the following Bitmain Miners: D7, L7, S19j Pro, S19 Pro, S19, KD5, LT5 & the new S19 XP. They will also work with most Dual Fan ASIC's (You may just need to purchase special Fan Emulators... Included are inline 4 pin emulators).  If you are mounting them on a ASIC that might have a PSU or controller hanging off one end (like some of the s19j Pro's have), blocking the inlet adaptor from bolting up, just reverse it... blow in from the unblocked side.... It really doesn't matter.

 Are they easy to install?

 All you do is remove the existing fans, and plug in the four 4 Pin Fan Spoofers (Included!) on the AISC's control board where the original fans would normally plug in.  You mount the adaptors to the existing fan locations where the fan's would normally mount with the screws we provide (Not the ones that mount the old fans!) and clamp the 800 CFM blower (Provided by you!) to the bottom flange (as shown in the photos).

Can they be mounted Vertically to the wall?

 Yes, they can also be mounted vertically on a sheet of plywood (This is the way I use them).  Mounting them vertically on the wall takes up less space, you don't need a shelving rack, and it's easy to add an 8" standard hose to a vent outside for the exhaust.  I promise if you add these to your garage wall, your wife will let you buy more!  I do recommend a screen or a filter if there is a lot of dirt or kids fingers......

Are they Quiet?

These blowers are very quiet.. especially if you reduce the speed to 3/4 of maximum speed, which is all you need...  Just watch your temps......and understand, that YOU have to control the blower speed... not the ASIC.   The safest thing to do is just run them full speed.  The good news, is the sound is quite pleasing.... a soft hum vs an annoying screaming sound the original fans make!  But on this side note.... remember, we are doing nothing to quiet the PSU's and in many cases, they are also louder than this blower......but the whole thing will be MUCH quieter than the original fans!!!

What are the Adaptors made of?

The adaptors are printed out of ABS Plastic using 25 industrial printers modified for printing temperature of up to 650° F. 

A little information about 3D printing plastics… 

All 3D printing material (PLA, ABS, Nylon, TPU, etc...) have what the industry calls a “Glass Transition Temperature”. This is the temperature in which the plastic starts to get “soft or pliable”. PLA Plastic (The most common type of 3D printer material) has a Glass Transition Temperature between 50° and 80° Celsius. If you think about this for a minute….The chip temperature in your ASIC get to these numbers!  This is why we only use ABS Plastic which has a Glass Transition Temp of 110° Celsius.  I am running Industrial 6 printers constantly on this project. This is why I don’t list too many at a time….I don’t want to get too far behind. But please understand I will get them out to you as soon as I can, and I ship the first ones purchased first (first in first out).

What is included in the kit?

    1. One - ABS S-8" Inlet adaptor (Connects directly to the S8 Blower and your ASIC)
    2. One - ABS 8" Outlet adaptor (Connects to the Discharge Side of your ASIC and Discharges the hot air to a 8" hose)
    3. One - Stainless Steel 8" Clamp (To attach the S8 Adaptor to the AC Infinity Blower)
    4. Sixteen - M8 x 12mm Screws (To mount both adaptors where the original fans mounted)
    5. Four - 4 Pin (Inline) Fan Emulators (Plugs in where the original fans did)
    6. Installation Instructions
    7. Free Shipping!


You can now add to your Deluxe Kit Order the NEW NJORD CLOUDLINE AC Infinity Fan Controller / Fan Emulator.  It connects where the original fans did on the ASIC's control board and automatically controls the speed of the AC Infinity S8 Blower!  You do need either a newer "USB-C" style AC Infinity S8 Blower or an Molex to USB-C adaptor (Sold Separately @Amazon or @AC Infinity)

In addition to the new Njord Control board... You will also receive the Standard Emulators with your kit.