Silencing & Cooling Kit for the OCTOMINER X8 ultra Plus


uel 8"  Blower Cooling / silencing kit for


Note:  This is a complete kit.... Everything you will need BUT the two AC Infinity S8 Blower/Fans. 


Is it easy to install?

 All you do is remove the four existing fans, and plug in the four 4 Pin Fan Spoofers (Included!) on the Bosch control board where the original fans normally plugged in.  You mount the two inlet adaptors to the existing fan locations where the fan's would normally mount, and mount the two 8" Exhaust Adaptors to the exhaust side.  Mount the two aluminum mounting brackets to the sides of the case, where the frame rails mount, and clamp two 800 CFM blowers (Provided by you!) to the bottom flanges(as shown in the photos).  This kit is designed to work horizontally, or vertically (Mounted to a wall).

 Can they be mounted Vertically to the wall?

 Yes, they can also be mounted vertically on a sheet of plywood (This is the way I use them).  Mounting them vertically on the wall takes up less space, you don't need a shelving rack, and it's easy to add two 8" exhaust hoses to vents outside for the exhaust.  I promise if you add these to your garage wall, your wife will let you buy more!  I do recommend a screen or a filter if there is a lot of dirt or kids fingers......

Are they Quiet?

These blowers are very quiet.. especially if you reduce the speed to 1/2 of maximum speed, which is all you need...  Just watch your temps......and understand,that YOU have to control the blower speed... not the BOSCH Control board.   The good news, is the sound is quite pleasing.... a soft hum vs an annoying screaming sound the original fans make! 

What is included in the kit?

    1. Two - 8" Octominer Inlet adaptors (Connects directly to the S8 Blower and your Octominer)

    2. Two - 8" Octominer Outlet Adaptors (Connects to the Discharge Side of your Octominer and Discharges the hot air to a 8" hose)

    3. Two - 5052 Aluminum Mounting brackets

    4. Two - Stainless Steel 8" Clamps (To attach the S8 Adaptors to the AC Infinity Blowers)

    5. Twenty four - M8 x 12mm Screws (To mount both adaptors where the original fans mounted)

    6. Four - 4 Pin (Inline) Fan Emulators (Plugs in where the original fans did)

    7. Installation Instructions

    8. Free Shipping!!!!!